Pressure Makes Diamonds

Are you allowing God to make you into a diamond?

My government teacher in high school always said this to his students.  Pressure makes diamonds.  I think he did it sometimes to make us feel better about all of the homework we had and all that was expected of us for his class.  But it is true.  Pressure and heat are the main ingredients to turn coal into diamonds, the hardest stone there is.

The Lord makes us into jewels far beyond price and comparison by similar ways.  He gives us tests and trials specifically designed for our personal circumstances to help us become more like His Son, Jesus Christ.

Usually during these tests and trials we are not very happy with the circumstances we are placed in.  Some of us may even complain from time to time.  But ultimately, the Lord is blessing us.

I think back through my life at the various trials and hard times I have gone through, and I would not go back and change them.  Each of those experiences and trials have made me into the person that I am today.  Someone, who I believe, is closer to Christ than before the trials came.

I am sure I am preaching to the choir when I say that life is not always easy, nor is it supposed to be.  But I know that with the Lord all things are possible.  Through His atonement we are able to heal.  This healing includes much more than just repenting of sins.  His atonement is all-encompassing.  He loves us.  Through accessing His atonement in our lives, we can feel of His divine love for us, and we can lean on Him to get through hard times.

He is making us into diamonds, into precious jewels that are priceless.  It does not happen over night, but by patient chipping and shaping and molding.  Let us let Him mold us by turning our hearts to Him.  He is always and has always been there for us.  His arms are outstretched for us to return to Him.


2 responses to “Pressure Makes Diamonds

  1. Somehow just having an understanding that there is (and can be) purpose in our pain..has the power to move us through our trials with a greater measure of forbearance. Just thinking of the Savior in the Garden of Gethsemane (sp?)…there was great purpose in His pain…that caused the Greatest of All to tremble and suffer unspeakable agony. We have just got to keep some of these eternal truths with us as we move through this mortal experience.

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