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What Child is This?

I just wanted to share this beautiful message with you through song.


As Simple as a Smile

People NEED you. Did you know that? People need to hear of your struggles and know of your successes in life. Life is such a precious gift… and this comes from one who has tried to take her own life before…It is a precious gift. I am so grateful to be alive today because of Christ and because of the smiles that I received and the love I have felt from others.

Christ is holding you. He understands. He knows.

Oh Come, Emmanuel

I hope this video touches you as it touched me.  God is real and He is there for you.  Christ lives!  What a wonderful message.


Christ is the Reason for the Season

What does Christ mean to you?

Christ is the reason for the season. What does He mean to you? When I think of that question words and descriptions of the Savior automatically come to me:


I feel encompassed about in a warmth of love when I think of the Savior… Do you not feel that love and warmth in your life?

I know that we can feel this warmth, peace, and love in our lives as we follow and come unto Him. He is waiting with His arms outstretched for us to come. He loves us more than we know.

What does Christ mean to you?


This is a touching lullaby about the Savior of the World:

Do you adore and praise your Lord?

Do you receive your King?

Do you receive your king?  Have you received Him?  How do you show this?  What makes you different now from when you did not fully receive Him?

Christ is the reason for the season