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It Takes an Act of Faith


There have been times in my life when I have felt encompassed in darkness.  I have also reached the point where I have wanted and even tried to end my life… but somehow, I am still here.  I am still needed, as are you.  You are needed.  The Lord needs YOU on HIS side.



Because He Lives!!!


Once upon a time there was a girl or you could say a young woman, or perhaps even a woman named Amy…oh, wait that’s me. Yes this is a true experience about me.

I met an amazing man and we began dating in a way… He lived in France and I live in the United States. We would Skype or make video calls to each other whenever we could and we would send long emails every day. It was wonderful. I began to really love him, or at least I considered it love. He was so very nice and caring. I told him about my struggles with depression and how my arms were full of scars, and he looked past those struggles I had and looked forward with hope for the future.

We began talking more about actually meeting each other. We expressed our feelings for each other and loved talking of our possible future together.

At this point, I wanted to be completely honest, not that I wasn’t before…I just wanted to share everything about myself with him. So, I told him about an addiction that I struggled with and how deeply I feared rejection from others.

When I told him of this addiction, he said he would like to help but followed it up with if I knew anyone other woman where I lived that would like him…basically asking me to set him up with one of my friends.

I responded by saying that I was sorry he felt that way and apologized for my shortcomings, but that I would not just pass him on to another one of my friends here in the U.S. He was simply just not the man for me.

I was heartbroken and depression seemed to start seeping in again. I reverted back to my addiction, which I had been clean of for close to eight weeks. This ended up making me feel even worse. After a few weeks, I even went to send him another email telling him how much I missed him, but after reading his final email to me, decided against it. I really hope that he is doing well.


Over time, a couple of months, I learned to lean more heavily on my Savior for help and support. I have been learning to be more humble and pure. I have been attending addiction recovery meetings to help with my addiction.

Basically I have learned that ALL is possible through the Savior. I have been trying to trust in Him and His plan for me more and more…which is definitely not always easy.

I know that my Savior lives and that because He lives I can live again, I can live now. Because He lives, I can truly be happy even amidst hard and challenging times in my life. Oh how I do miss the love that comes from being in a relationship with someone you believe truly cares about you, who you believe you could spend forever with.

But I know that the Lord has felt those same feelings that I have felt and that because He lives I can have hope in my life for a better future, for a clean life from addiction, for the strength to keep going in hard times, for so, so much more.

I hope you enjoy the song/video by Sally Deford. It is one of my favorites. What can you do or believe or feel in your life because the Savior lives?

We Live Again

Preparing to Meet the Lord

Perhaps some of us think about this quite frequently.  We wonder what will happen or where we are going after we die.  But preparing to meet the Lord is much more than that.  We can prepare every day to meet the Lord that day.  Each day we can see His hand in our lives if we but open our eyes.

As we prepare to meet Him, we are better able to see Him in our everyday lives.

In Exodus 19, the Israelites were preparing in a sense to meet the Lord.  God wanted them to be a holy nation and to become a peculiar people that were highly favored of the Lord.  In order to help them achieve this goal, the Lord commanded them to sanctify themselves.  We too must sanctify ourselves if we are to meet the Lord.

Sanctification is explained a little further by Elder D. Todd Christofferson as he quotes Doctrine & Covenants 20:30-31 which states:

“We know that justification (or forgiveness of sins) through the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is just and true;

And we know also, that sanctification (or purification from the effects of sin) through the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is just and true, to all those who love and serve God with all their mights, minds, and strength.”

Sanctification can truly come only through the Savior Jesus Christ and His atonement.  If the Israelites kept the commandments and sanctified themselves they were promised that the Lord would come to them and that they would become a treasure to the Lord.  The same is true for us.

As we sanctify ourselves, the Lord comes to us.  We are able to see His hand in our lives and we are able to feel more peace and joy.  We become a treasure to the Lord as we consistently do His will and keep His commandments and purify ourselves through the atonement of Christ.

I am extremely grateful every day of my life that I am able to see the Lord clearer in my daily interactions with others.  I know He loves me.  He loves you to.  You are His precious son or daughter.


Why do we have temples?

I have had many people wonder why we have temples here on Earth.  People wonder what goes on inside temples built by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

These temples are here to do the work of the Lord and to make sacred covenants with our Father in Heaven.

Great blessings come from being worthy to enter the temple and by regularly attending the temple.

Death is not the end

There were many moments in my life while I was struggling with depression that I just did not want to exist anymore.  I wanted to be gone.  My mind was constantly thinking of ways that I could make this happen, ways to kill myself.  I didn’t want to deal with all of my sorrows and pain.  I felt like I was a burden to everyone and that it would be better for them if I were gone.

But I knew that death was not the end.  I had been taught that and I had received a witness that it is true.  Death is not the end.  We have life after death and we can  return to live with our Father in Heaven and our families again.

The summer before I started my freshman year of high school, a dear friend of mine passed away.  She had a very sweet spirit.  I will never forget her example of kindness and love to all of those around her.  I had my testimony reaffirmed as I attended her viewing and funeral.  Truly the Lord is great!  He has given us such a wonderful gift.  The gift of his atonement and resurrection allows it so that each of us will be resurrected and that each of us can return to live with our loved ones again.

Are you prepared?

After watching this short video clip, I really thought about if I was prepared and peaceful about meeting my maker.  Have I lived my life in such a way that followed His precepts… If I have made mistakes along the way, which I have, have I repented of them and been made white through the blood of the Lamb?  Am I living my life now as a disciple of Christ?

I know that as I follow the Lord and His commandments and His prophets, I am filled with peace and I have no need to fear.  The Lord is there for me.  His Spirit is my constant companion.  Perhaps this video will make you think more about your life as well and what you can do to better follow God.