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It Takes an Act of Faith


There have been times in my life when I have felt encompassed in darkness.  I have also reached the point where I have wanted and even tried to end my life… but somehow, I am still here.  I am still needed, as are you.  You are needed.  The Lord needs YOU on HIS side.



Because He Lives!!!


Once upon a time there was a girl or you could say a young woman, or perhaps even a woman named Amy…oh, wait that’s me. Yes this is a true experience about me.

I met an amazing man and we began dating in a way… He lived in France and I live in the United States. We would Skype or make video calls to each other whenever we could and we would send long emails every day. It was wonderful. I began to really love him, or at least I considered it love. He was so very nice and caring. I told him about my struggles with depression and how my arms were full of scars, and he looked past those struggles I had and looked forward with hope for the future.

We began talking more about actually meeting each other. We expressed our feelings for each other and loved talking of our possible future together.

At this point, I wanted to be completely honest, not that I wasn’t before…I just wanted to share everything about myself with him. So, I told him about an addiction that I struggled with and how deeply I feared rejection from others.

When I told him of this addiction, he said he would like to help but followed it up with if I knew anyone other woman where I lived that would like him…basically asking me to set him up with one of my friends.

I responded by saying that I was sorry he felt that way and apologized for my shortcomings, but that I would not just pass him on to another one of my friends here in the U.S. He was simply just not the man for me.

I was heartbroken and depression seemed to start seeping in again. I reverted back to my addiction, which I had been clean of for close to eight weeks. This ended up making me feel even worse. After a few weeks, I even went to send him another email telling him how much I missed him, but after reading his final email to me, decided against it. I really hope that he is doing well.


Over time, a couple of months, I learned to lean more heavily on my Savior for help and support. I have been learning to be more humble and pure. I have been attending addiction recovery meetings to help with my addiction.

Basically I have learned that ALL is possible through the Savior. I have been trying to trust in Him and His plan for me more and more…which is definitely not always easy.

I know that my Savior lives and that because He lives I can live again, I can live now. Because He lives, I can truly be happy even amidst hard and challenging times in my life. Oh how I do miss the love that comes from being in a relationship with someone you believe truly cares about you, who you believe you could spend forever with.

But I know that the Lord has felt those same feelings that I have felt and that because He lives I can have hope in my life for a better future, for a clean life from addiction, for the strength to keep going in hard times, for so, so much more.

I hope you enjoy the song/video by Sally Deford. It is one of my favorites. What can you do or believe or feel in your life because the Savior lives?


What is most important in your life?

What is most important in your life?

Families can be together forever… they are the ones who stay around when the going gets rough.  They love you.


Your Potential


Are you living up to your potential?  What do you want to be?  What have been your dreams?  They don’t just fly away for something practical.  Live your dream.  “Be Alive, Find your passion, and Pursue it with all your heart.”

Don’t fall beneath your privileges or your potential.

Good Enough

With Christ, we are good enough as long as we are striving to do what is right and true.  With Christ, we know enough and we are made perfect in Christ.  He loves you.  Lean on him in your hard times and trials.  He will be there for you.


Kindness will get you far in life.

Making Friends


I think that a huge part about making friends is being a friend to yourself.  Sometimes this is not a very easy thing to do?  But how can we love others if we do not first feel love ourselves?

The two great commandments are to love God with all your heart and to love your neighbor as yourself.  In these two commandments there are three parties that require loving:  yourself, God, and your neighbor…If you had to put these in order of importance to love, what would it be?

It would be 1.  Love God 2.  Love yourself and 3.  Love your neighbor

Part of making friends is being a friend to yourself.  Happiness comes one step at a time, and it does include love.