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It Takes an Act of Faith


There have been times in my life when I have felt encompassed in darkness.  I have also reached the point where I have wanted and even tried to end my life… but somehow, I am still here.  I am still needed, as are you.  You are needed.  The Lord needs YOU on HIS side.





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Prayer can change the night to day.  It can cause troubled times to turn to light.  It makes us look at the world differently.  I love prayer and the time I have to spend with my Father in Heaven.  He helps me so very much.  I know He is there for each and every one of us.  He loves us.

I love to listen to children’s prayers, because they are so pure and straight-forward.  He truly does love them and each one of His children, which includes you and me.



God knows what He wants us to be… sometimes we have tears on our side.

Scripture Study

I love this quote about scripture study by L. Tom Perry, and I wanted to share it with you:

“Personal, sincere involvement in the scriptures produces faith, hope, and solutions to our daily challenges.  Frequently reading, pondering, and applying the lessons of the scriptures, combined with prayer, become an irreplaceable part of gaining and sustaining a strong, vibrant testimony.”

I have felt this in my life and know it to be true.

Come Listen

Would You?

If you were asked by your preacher or by the prophet of God or by God to move to Africa in a month, would you do it?  If you were asked by one of these would you do what they told you to do?  Why?  Why not?

Many of us are willing to make big sacrifices in our time and in our resources or to obey in the ‘big things’ that require immediate action, but few of us really realize the importance of following in the little things and with ‘exact obedience.’

Saul in the Old Testament in 1 Samuel 12-15 was an example of someone who did not obey with exactness.  He also overstepped his bounds as king when he told the people to bring sacrifices to him, even when he did not hold that authority (Samuel did) (1 Samuel 13:9).


It is a sad thing when people overstep the authority they are given, but it happens often.  In Doctrine and Covenants 121:39 it expounds on this:

“We have learned by sad experience that it is the anature and disposition of almost all men, as soon as they get a little bauthority, as they suppose, they will immediately begin to exercisecunrighteous dominion.”

Are you like Saul in the Old Testament and overstep your authority that is given to you?  We have been counseled as to how to not fall into this same mistake that Saul did in Doctrine and Covenants 121:34-36 and 121: 41-42.

  1. Do not set heart upon the things of the World.
  2. Live with principles of righteousness.
  3. Meekness
  4. Long-suffering
  5. Gentleness
  6. Love unfeigned
  7. Kindness
  8. Pure Knowledge
  9. Without Hypocrisy
  10. Without Guile

Can we live in the way listed above?  I know that with the Lord and that as we obey, especially in the little things we can live a Christ-like life and implement the list above into our daily lives.

Obey is Better than Sacrifice

Truly, ‘to obey is better than sacrifice’ as Samuel states in 1 Samuel 15:22.  Sacrifice does not do any good unless the people are righteous and hearken unto the Lord their God.  Obeying with exactness helps to make us happy and have peaceful lives.  The Lord does love us.  He is there to help us.  He will help you learn to obey and desire to obey.  Pray to Him.  He is there, and He does help.

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