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This way to Safety

A message to youth from the prophet of the Lord:


God’s Power

Young Men who are found worthy are able to hold God’s power in the priesthood.  There are duties to fulfill.  There are people who need each one of us and God needs us to be there for them.

There are specific things that we must do to truly be servants for the Lord… and that is to keep ourselves clean and pure.  The Lord has a work for us to do.  Let us do that work.

Life can be complicated

I love this video:

We must make our own personal commitment to simplify our lives.

An Apostle’s words to the youth

We can follow the words of Christ as Elder L. Tom Perry explains in this video.

Modesty: A matter of the heart.

Modesty is truly a matter of the heart as Sister Dalton explains in this video:

Standing as a witness of the Savior

Strengthening those around you…

How are you strengthened?  What helps to make you more than you are?  How do you help strengthen those around you?  Is it by your example?  Is it by the way you speak about others?  We can each do better.  We can each strive to strengthen and build up those around us.