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Life can be complicated

I love this video:

We must make our own personal commitment to simplify our lives.


A Clearer View

I love this video by President Uchtdorf. His testimony truly does give us a clearer view:

Lightening Other’s burdens

Our Heavenly Father puts us in the places where we need to be when we need to be there.

Anyone can be a missionary

Any one of us can be missionaries for Christ.  We can each show others by our example what it is like to live the gospel of Christ.  What joy His gospel brings to our lives and our souls.

Go Tell It on the Mountain: Organ Solo

This will amaze you.

The Opportunity to Hear the Word of God Today

These men are called of God and will speak to us His words.

The Opportunity

Each of us in the world have the opportunity to hear the word of God as it pertains to us today.  This opportunity is had because of living prophets and apostles of the Lord, Jesus Christ.  The Lord’s prophet for the world today is President Thomas S. Monson.  He has been called of God and ordained to this office.

If you do not believe that he is truly called of God and that he is actually a prophet, I extend an invitation to you to pray and ask the Lord to help you to know if this is true.  Along with this I invite you to then listen to, watch, or participate in General Conference this weekend (October 1 &2).

General Conference is a bi-annual event that is held world-wide where prophets and apostles of the Lord speak what the Lord would have us hear, learn, and feel at this time in our lives.  It is marvelous opportunity, not to be missed.  Honestly, this is the Lord speaking directly to each of us as to what we need to hear.

You can listen to or watch General Conference by either going to a church meetinghouse in your area, which you can find by going to this link:  http://mormon.org/meetinghouse/   or by using the internet to view it by following this link:  http://lds.org/general-conference?lang=eng.  Sessions of General Conference are this weekend Saturday, October 1 at 10am and 2pm MDT, and Sunday, October 2 at 10am and 2pm MDT.  If you are not able to watch General Conference live you can always go to http://lds.org/general-conference?lang=eng to view recent addresses from the prophets and apostles.

A Prophet of the Lord Today

I know that President Thomas S. Monson is called of God and that He is the prophet of the Lord sent on this earth for this time.  He truly is a man of God.  I know that he receives direct revelation from the Lord to guide and direct us in our lives today.

Now, if you wonder why we have a prophet, or if we even need one in the world today, I wish to relate to you a story from President Hugh b. Brown:

“President Hugh B. Brown (1883-1975) of the first Presidency described a conversation he had with a member of the British House of commons and former justice of the Supreme Court of England, who was not a member of the Church, about the need for living prophets and the revelation they receive:

‘(I said) ‘I am submitting to you in all seriousness that it was standard procedure in bible times for god to talk to men.’

‘(He responded,) ‘I think I will admit that, but it stopped shortly after the first century of the Christian era.’

‘Why do you think it stopped?’

‘I can’t say.’

‘You think that God hasn’t spoken since then?’

‘Not to my knowledge.’

‘May I suggest some possible reasons why he has not spoken.  Perhaps it is because he cannot.  He has lost the power.’

‘He said, ‘Of course that would be blasphemous.’

‘Well, then, if you don’t accept that, perhaps he doesn’t speak to men because he doesn’t love us anymore.  He is no longer interested in the affairs of men.’

‘No, he said, God loves all men, and he is no respecter of persons.’

‘Well, … then the only other possible answer as I see it is that we don’t need him.  We have made such rapid strides in education and science that we don’t need God anymore.’

‘And then he said, and his voice trembled as he thought of impending war (World War II), ‘Mr. Brown, there never was a time in the history of the world when the voice of God was needed as it is needed now.  Perhaps you can tell me why he doesn’t speak.’

‘My answer was, ‘He does speek, he has spoken; but men need faith to hear him.’

‘Then we proceeded to examine what I may call a ‘profile of a prophet.’…

‘The judge sat and listened intently.  He asked some very pointed and searching questions, and at the end of the interview he said, ‘Mr. Brown, I wonder if your people appreciate the import of your message.  Do you?’  He said, ‘If what you have told me is true, it is the greatest message that has come to this earth since the angels announced the birth of Christ.’

Let me invite you to come listen to a prophet’s voice and hear the Savior too by participating in General Conference.  The Lord is aware of you.  Come with open minds and hearts and He will pour His Spirit into you.  He will help you to know of the truths you are seeking for.

While this video shows President Hinckley as president, He has since died and President Thomas S. Monson was called as the new President and prophet of the church.

The Lord does and will answer our prayers.  People are not perfect, but the Christ’s gospel is.



What is restoration?  In the Bible Dictionary, restoration is defined as:

“A return of something once present, but which has been taken away or lost.  It involves, for example, the renewal of the earth to its paradisaical glory as it was before the fall of Adam.  In terms of the soul of man it means a return of the individual to the presence of God, and includes the reuniting of the physical body with the spirit.  It means a re-establishment of the gospel of Jesus Christ on the earth in the last days, with the powers, ordinances, doctrines, offices, and all things as they have existed in former ages.  It means a gathering together of the house of Israel from its scattered condition.”

The Lord’s Gospel

There was a period of time where the gospel of Jesus Christ was taken from the earth.  But in these latter days His gospel has been restored!  What a glorious message.  He loves us and has given us the way and the means to return to Him and to receive revelation from Him in our lives.  I am forever grateful.